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Easy Marbled Easter Eggs

We have the secret to making bright, marbled Easter eggs. Can you guess what it is? The secret is NAIL POLISH! We made these marbled eggs by using water and a variety of nail polish. Can you believe it? It’s so simple and easy, and they look beautiful.

So grab that stash of nail polish you have in your bathroom and get marbling those eggs just in time for Easter! We have your supply checklist and an easy guide with directions below: 

Supplies: Faux eggs (or room temp hard boiled), disposable plastic container, nail polish, rubber gloves, stir stick, drying holder, nail polish remover, room temp water.

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Last Minute Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Basket

I know what you’re thinking, “Easter is on Sunday. Why are you just now showing me these cute ideas?” I hear you. But let’s be honest, if we would have posted this on Monday you probably still wouldn’t have had time to go to the store and put these together. But maybe you’re the type of person that is super planned and you absolutely needed this post two weeks ago, to you and all the other prepped people, we solute you. We want to be you. You can stop reading now or save this post for next year. To the rest of you who are knee deep in work stuff, kid stuff, house stuff, and trying to work out and eat healthy stuff, read on. We’ve got some fun ideas for an Easter basket that you can pull off in a Saturday so rest assured. The one thing I do regret in posting this tonight in an attempt to connect with my midnight-oil-burning friends, is that I didn’t give you enough time for 2-day shipping on Amazon Prime. Next time, I’ll remember the shipping window, promise.

Okay, now on to the stuff! This was definitely a creative sweet lemonMADE collaboration as we wandered the aisles of Target (no, we are not sponsored by them, but we should be! #dreams). Wait, you mean, you don’t wander the aisles of Target at 10 o’clock at night on a Tuesday? Oh, you do, oh, okay. Phew.

For the kiddos…

Girl Easter Basket

First of all, that dress! Talk about flower power, we all gushed over it. It has the perfect amount of whimsy and fun with all those bright colors and that retro, floral pattern. We may have checked the entire store to find that pattern in anything else (really, ANYTHING), but if you want this happy print you’ve gotta buy this dress. We paired it with some sweet shades (also Target), one of those darling, BabyLit books (Barnes and Noble), naturally we chose “The Secret Garden” (wait, are we supposed to use quotes or underline book titles…um, does it change if it is APA format vs MLA format?  Is there a blog format?? Um, I think you can do either way, right? Mrs. Dursteler? Are you reading this? You knew what I meant). And if you wanna splurge a little (read: a lot) you can snag some of these great Freshly Picked Mocs, the ones pictured here are “petite cashmere.”

Boy Easter Basket

You will be the coolest mom, aunt, grandma, sister around if you get the dudes in your life one of these “Bunch-O-Balloons” water balloon fillers. Talk about ultimate life hack, you can fill 100 water balloons in 1 minute! Oh, and did we mention that it is self-tying? Yes, amazing (find it at Target, Walmart, or Amazon). Throw in a fun spring shirt, and one of those great BabyLit books and you’re set.

For the awesome ladies in your life…sisters, friends, coworkers

Friend Easter Basket

Okay, did you guys read that flavor? Pearberry!! Talk about throwback! When I saw this at Bath and Body Works I knew I had to buy it for my fellow sweet lemonMADE ladies. This was the scent of our awkward tween years. It’s weird, just putting it on transports me back to junior high with my braces and Doc Martens. I threw in a fun new flavor of Trident Layers gum (watermelon/tropical fruit) and a new stick of everyone’s favorite, Baby Lips by Maybelline.

Coke Easter Basket

I don’t know about you, but Diet Coke is a religion around here, and there’s nothing most women love more (maybe their husbands and kids, maybe). Diet Coke goes great with anything, but especially these Cape Cod chips (YUM!) on a blanket in the park. Yeah, that’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Easter Candy

And if all else fails and you run out of ideas and time just buy the people you love some Easter chocolate. They won’t be mad you did.


Basket Liner Tutorial

Easter Basket Liner Tutorial

Every year I swoon over the cute fabric lined baskets while shopping for Easter goodies. So this year I decided to get crafty and make my own. Sewing is not my specialty, so I’m pretty excited about how it turned out. With Easter right around the corner, this simple and easy basket liner tutorial can help you personalize any basket that you already have on hand.

Project Supplies:
Fabric – 1 Yard
Fabric Scissors
Sewing Machine

Easter Basket Liner


Step 1:
Turn your basket upside down over an ironing board. You will then drape and center your fabric over the outside of your basket and pin the fabric tight around the corners and down the sides of the basket. This is a lot easier than trying to cut and sew multiple pieces together.

Step 2:
Take the fabric off of the basket and with a ruler, extend the pin line to the edge of the fabric. Repeat this step for all four sides. Next, you will sew a seam along the pin lines, leaving a triangular flap. Cut off the flap on each side, leaving a 1/2 inch seam. If you find the fabric doesn’t fit snug in the basket, make your seam a little closer from the original.

Step 3:
Next you need to determine how much fabric you want showing on the outside of your basket. I have three inches showing on my basket. Measure your fabric accordingly and add an additional length for a ribbon casing. The length of your casing will depend on the width of your ribbon. You will then trim off  the excess fabric. 

Step 4:
With the fabric in the basket, make a cut from the edge of the fabric to the handle at the top edge of the basket. The width of the cut will depend on the width of the basket handles. Fold the fabric under and stitch around the edge to get a nice finish. 

Step 5:
Next you will need to make the casing for your ribbon. Thread the ribbon through the casing and pull tight to make sure the liner fits snug around the outside of the basket and tie a bow at each end. 

Fabric Lined Basket