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Manicure Essentials

This Up & Up Nail Polish Drying Spray is one of the BEST Target finds! I just happened upon it one day as I was walking around Target looking for other items on my list.  The big can caught my eye and it peaked my interest as to why it was mixed with the nail polish. I had never heard of  nail polish drying spray before. (Maybe I’ve been living under a rock.) I knew there were quick drying top coats and even drops, but this spray had me so intrigued. Since it was only $2.99 it was worth a try.

If you are like me and are very impatient when it comes to painting your nails I’m telling you now that you NEED this spray in your life ASAP! I’m always looking for ways to speed up the drying process. It’s the worst when you paint your nails and then smudge your freshly painted manicure! Who’s with me on that one?

When using the Drying Spray, paint your nails as usual, wait a minute and then spray your nails with the drying spray. Within a few minutes they will be dry and smudge proof.

A few dry spray tips:
• Depending on the consistency of your polish you may after a few minutes have to spray your nails one more time to get them completely dry. This is also the case when painting multiple coats.
• Works best on one coat!
• Make sure the can is upright when you spray your nails.

The other items are some of my manicure essentials. Nail polish remover with a pump bottle is awesome! It makes removing your polish so much easier. All you have to do is place your cotton ball or cotton pad on top and pump it a couple of times to wet it. After removing my nail polish, I love using the Julep glycolic hand scrub to prep my hands. A good nail file is essential for shaping nails before painting and this Essie nail polish is one of my go to colors! And now this drying spray is part of my manicure essentials for sure!