New Year’s Resolution: Staying Committed

It’s been a whole month and I have to say that it’s been a commitment to stay committed! I have been trying super hard to stick to my goal of staying committed but, it hasn’t been easy. I tried to go full force and dive right in and change my ways all at once but, it got too overwhelming and I knew I had to tackle it in baby steps without stressing myself out and failing. It’s especially hard for a natural procrastinator of 20+ years to do! If you are a fellow procrastinator reading this right now, raise your hand if you agree with me. Let me know in the comments your tips for me or what you have done to curb this bad habit. Because if I’m being honest, I don’t think that I will ever rid of this bad habit completely but, with time, practice, planning, and follow through I will become better and procrastinate less. With some creative reminders, I have made my self more accountable each time I see my one word and making a conscious effort to stay focused and committed to following through.

Some great ways I have reminded myself, kept myself on track, and held accountable for my one word include having it on my phone wall paper, on a sign in my bedroom, putting it in my planner, and writing it on my lists!


Throughout this process of sticking with my goal, I have come to learn that part of my problem is planning ahead. I knew I needed to start using my planner  more effectively! I have a habit of making lists and jotting down all the things that come to mind, but planning ahead was always my down fall. Now that I know my weakness, I have been approaching my lists differently. I look at my list and if there is anything that can be done now I put a star next to it and then anything else left on the list gets prioritized on my list and in my planner. I have definitely noticed a difference in my follow through. Another thing I have done to hold me accountable is telling a friend or family member when I want something needs to be done.





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