Sweet Picks

December Sweet Picks

Swell Bottle: This insulated water bottle is the best thing! Swell bottles are AMAZING! They weren’t lying when they said that they will keep your hot drinks hot for 12 hours and your cold drinks cold for 24 hours.

Since I love drinking ice cold water, I decided to start using this water bottle at work. I wanted a better option to keep my water cold without having to store my water bottle in a fridge all day. Another plus is when I put ice in my bottle, it doesn’t condensate and get the counters wet while I work. These bottles are simply the BEST! They have so many color and pattern options you’ll be sure to find one (maybe even two) perfect for you!
Image Source: Swell Bottle

Herschel: I am in love with this bag. While it may be a bit of a splurge, I love that it can be a gym, travel, overnight, or just an all-purpose bag. I need all the motivation I can get when it comes to gym going or working out in general and a cute gym bag is definitely a push in the right direction.  
Image Source: Herschel

Salomon Trail-Running Shoes: Now that my husband works for Amer Sports, he’s always bringing home Salomon shoes and other outdoor wear for me to try. I have to say these Salomon shoes are some of my favorite. I hate dealing with shoe laces when I’m working out, so for me the best part is the lacing system takes just 1 pull for an exact fit. They are also very comfortable and have breathable mesh and synthitic lining to keep moisture away from your feet. I highly reccomend giving these a try. Plus, they come in a lot of cute color combos!
Image Source: REI

Reflex Power Flex Yoga Pants: A random Amazon rabbit hole, in the name of Christmas shopping, led me to stumble upon these fine yoga pants about a month ago. I am always in the market for comfy, stretchy leggings and I was intrigued when I saw that these had 3,984 reviews on Amazon and 4.5 stars! Anything with over 1,000 reviews always gets my attention, but these babies had nearly 4,000! So I clicked around looking at the reviews, color options, etc. and I noticed that the black leggings were $19.99, reasonable, but the “watermelon” leggings were only $4.99! That’s so cheap! So I decided to take a $5 splurge and try these out to see what the 4,000 Amazon reviews were all about. And you know what? They were right!

These yoga pants/leggings are so awesome. They are sturdy and thick, but super soft and comfortable. They have a built-in pocket for your phone and just the right amount of stretch. All this talk is making me want to go order another pair…they are even worth the $19.99 for the black pair. So if you’re needing some new workout pants give these babies a whirl. If you are unsure and brave you can do like I did and purchase the $4.99 watermelon-colored ones. Just be prepared for everyone to comment, “Whoa, now those are some pink pants” every time you wear them. Haha!
Image Source: Amazon


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