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Mom Shirt: I think this shirt speaks for itself! If you are a Diet Coke aficionado (read: addict) like me, you need this in your life. It is the perfect tee to throw on with your fave pair of jeans,  a cute summer skirt or under a great light jacket. Anyone who has seen me lately, has most likely seen the shirt as well.  It is just as comfy as it is cute. And even better, the cutest husband and wife duo design the shirts and run this great shop. Go check it out and grab a shirt… or two!
Image Source: momshirt.com

Batiste Hair: I’m no stranger to dry shampoo. In fact, if you look in my bathroom cabinet at any one time you’re bound to find at least 4 different brands of dry shampoo. I use dry shampoo every day whether I shower or not. I have fine hair so I use it to give my hair some weight and texture and then of course on days I don’t wash my hair I use it help eliminate oils and bedhead. I was on a work trip one time and had forgotten to bring dry shampoo and stumbled across this blonde version of Batiste at a ransom Urban Outfitters. I was intrigued by the “blondeness” it offered. My hair has blonde highlights (from a bottle) and this magic little can not only adds volume, texture, and depth, but it covers up any highlight regrowth! WIN!! It seriously is like magic. Just don’t go hog-wild and spray it all over like crazy. If you do, your scalp will glow yellow. So just spray a little on the top of you’re looking for a miracle between highlights!
Image Source: Ulta

Amope Pedi Perfect: Summer is officially here and that means…you probably need to show your feet some love to get them into tip top shape to wear your flip flops and those cute strappy sandals you’ve been itching to wear! Because let’s be honest, we are not all blessed with feet and heels that are as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Haha! I sure wasn’t! So, if you are like me and have been cursed with dry rough heels that have to be attended to all summer long you know a professional pedicure each week is just not doable for us busy working gals that don’t have the time. But don’t fret because there is a way to get smooth heels at home on your own with the Amope Pedi Perfect! This little machine will file your rough heels and smooth them out and it’s easy to use. All you have to do is turn it on and move it all around the rough areas. This little tool is great for at home pedicures and perfect for touch ups in between those professional pedicures.
Image Source: Amazon

Younique Touch Liquid Foundation: I have gone most of my life without wearing any type of foundation. Every kind I’ve tried feels heavy and sticky. Now that I’m turning 29 (+4 ), my skin is changing and is not like it used to be. I decided to try the Younique Touch Liquid Foundation since I kept hearing such great things about it. (No, I don’t sell it, but if you are interested I can put you in touch with about 20 consultants!) This stuff is absolutely amazing. It has great coverage and the best part is, I can’t even tell I’m wearing it. Once the liquid touches your skin, it feels like powder. If you’re in the market for a new foundation or are curious because of my awesome review, I highly suggest you check it out!


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