Favorite Apps that spark Kids’ Imaginations

I’m a bad mom. That’s right, I said it. I let my three-year-old daughter watch videos and play games on the iPad. Before my daughter turned one, I was super admit that I would really limit her screen time and only use the iPad or phones every once in a blue moon. Then Olivia turned two and things got real! If you’ve ever had a two-year-old or have even been around one for a short period of time, you know what I’m talking about. I’ve lost track of the number of times those devices have prevented meltdowns, allowed me to eat dinner, have a conversation or even use the restroom in peace.

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Ok, I don’t really think I’m a bad mom. Olivia has actually learned a lot using the iPad by playing different educational apps. There are quite a few she loves to play, but my favorites are from Toca Boca. These games are so much fun, I even take a turn.

Toca Boca is an award-winning play studio that makes digital apps for kids. According to the company’s website, “We make digital toys and games that help stimulate the imagination.” 

My friend Stacy showed me the Toca Boca apps and I couldn’t believe how fun they were. They really do allow you to tap into your imagination. So far, we’ve downloaded around five of the 36 apps they have available. The ones we currently have on our iPad are:

Toca Kitchen: The app allows you to choose and prepare food for hungry characters. You can slice carrots, fry fish or puree broccoli. You can cook and combine any of the food items available. 

Toca Hair Salon: You can run your own Hair Salon using this app by cutting, coloring, combing and blow-drying hair on six different characters. You can create any hair style you want.  

Toca Pet Doctor: This one is my favorite! In this app, you get to take care of 15 animals who need your loving care. Through innovative play you can help a dove, clean up a puppy, fix a bird’s wing or untwist a worm.

Toca House: You can help five friends to fun chores around the house by doing dishes, ironing, sweeping or planting flowers in the garden. 

Toca Store: This app is so much fun. You can go to the store, pick out your groceries and pay using coins in the cash register. 

I can’t say it enough. These apps are so much fun, you’ll be stealing them away from your kids so you can take a turn. Download them now and let us know which ones are your favorites!

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