Our Story

How was this blog MADE?

Well, you see, it all started in junior high. Yep, that’s when Megan, Ashley, Danelle, and Emily MADE their way into each other’s lives. We spent lots of time writing fancy notes to each other during class about boys (duh), new Doc Martens, sleepovers, and the antics that transpired daily in Miss Chris’ Spanish class (names have NOT been changed to protect the innocent). We gave each other “Country Apple” and “Pearberry” Bath and Body Works lotion for every holiday and birthday, of course.

We stayed connected and persevered through high school, adding “movie-making book reports” to our repertoire (hallelujah this was pre-YouTube) and started a small lunch café out of my school locker—grilled cheese sandwich anyone? Obviously, it wasn’t long before school administration shut off that secret sandwich making power outlet and we were forced to go back to “school lunch” of vending machine Funyuns and Sour Patch Kids.

Needless to say, we’ve always been a crew with big ideas. High school ended and we were forced to get degrees, find “real” jobs, and scale back (way back) on our creative endeavors. Some of us moved across the county, some stayed close to home, and soon adulthood began to emerge. Years flew by and our time together was only found sporadically over lunch when all were in town for the holidays.

Then, almost imperceptibly, life brought us back together again. This nostalgic reunion led social-media marketing Meg to drop the blog bomb on all of us. She had come to know the ins and outs of the blogging world from her professional endeavors and wanted to get one of her own rolling with Emily, Ashley, and Danelle as her creative co-pilots. The idea was a hit, but we hemmed and hawed for awhile, concerned about not being “cool”, “creative”, “classy”, or “clever” enough. But those “big ideas” we’ve been tackling together since junior high needed a home. So we did it. We started a blog together and called it sweet lemonMADE (for Megan, Ashley, Danelle, and Emily—MADE).

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